Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Magickal Household Spell | Protection

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The Shoe¸•´¯`☆

Obtain an old shoe, preferably one made of leather. Stuff it with protective objects, such as pins, needles, nails, tacks, scissors and bits of broken glass. Add protective herbs - such as rosemary, basil, fern, bay or mistletoe - to fill the shoe. Hang it in the attic or basement, saying these or similar words.

I place this charm of power
To guard my home from this hour.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Spellwork | December 2017

☆ Pine... to purify and cleanse this space
☆ Bay Laurel... wards of negativity and evil
☆ Cloves... attract riches, drive away hostile and negative forces, produce spiritual vibrations and purify the area
☆ Oak Moss... to draw prosperity and good fortune, helps us connect to elemental earth energy
☆ Peacock Feather... spirit wants us to look within and trust in our own intuition and it represents clairvoyance, spirituality, awakening, guidance, and encourages more deep thought and meditation
☆ Magnolia Cones... Very strong magic, brings peace, protection, love and harmony to this space {this home}
☆ Star Anise... adds additional power
Primitive Witch

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

One Herb Incense | Simple Incense

These are {one-herb} incense that can be burned on charcoal when needed. They do not need to be mixed or measured, just simply grind and empower them before us.

Allspice: Burned to attract both good luck and money.

Arabic, Gum: Purification and protection of the home.

Bay: Burned to facilitate the psychic powers, and to induce prophetic dream-visions. .  Also burn for concentration, assertiveness, decisiveness, trust, integrity, enthusiasm, mental clarity, cheerfulness, confidence and courage.

Benzoin: Burned for purification and to attract prosperity.

Cedar: Burned for purification, to stimulate or strengthen the psychic powers, attract love, prevent nightmares, and heal various ailments, including head colds.

Cinnamon: Burned for protection and to attract money, stimulate or strengthen the psychic powers, and aid in healing.

Clove: Burned to dispel negativity, purify sacred and magikcal spaces, attract money, and stop or prevent the spread of gossip. Also burn for pain relief, intellectual stimulation, business success, wealth, prosperity, divination, exorcism, protection, eases fears, improves memory and focus.

Copal: Burned for purification, uplifting spirits, protection, exorcism, spirituality and to attract love.

Dragon's Blood: Burned to dispel negativity, exorcise evil supernatural entities, attract love, and restore male potency. Many Witches also burn dragons blood for protection when spell casting and invoking. When added to other incenses, dragons blood makes their magickal powers stronger.

Fern: Burned in outdoor fires to magickally produce rain. Also used to exorcise evil supernatural entities.

Frankincense: Burned to dispel negativity, purify magickal spaces, protect against evil, aid meditation, induce psychic visions, attract good luck, resin from the Boswellia plant activates poorly understood ion channels in the brain to alleviate anxiety, depression and honor Pagan deities.

Juniper: Burned to stimulate or increase the psychic powers, and also to break curses and hexes cast by evil sorcerers.

Myrrh: Burned (often with frankincense) for purification, consecration, healing, exorcism, and banishing evil. Myrrh also aids meditation rituals, and was commonly burned on altars in ancient Egypt as an offering to the deities Isis and Ra.

Pine: Burned for purification, and to banish negative energies, exorcise evil supernatural entities, and attract money, as well as to break hexes and return them to their senders. . Also burned for grounding, strength, cleansing and healing.

Rosemary: Burned to purify, aid in healing, prevent nightmares, preserve youthfulness, dispel depression, attract fairyfolk, and promote restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

Sage: Burned for protection against all forms of evil, and to purify sacred spaces and ritual tools, promote wisdom, attract money, and aid in healing the body, mind, and soul.

Sandalwood: Burned to exorcise demons and evil ghosts, conjure beneficial spirits, and promote spiritual awareness. Sandalwood incense is also used by many Witches in healing rituals and in wish-magick.

Thyme: Burned for the purification of magickal spaces prior to rituals, to aid in healing, and to attract good health.
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wintergreen |Checkerberry | Mountain Tea | Teaberry | Herb

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Wintergreen has a few other names, it is as know as Checkerberry, Mountain Tea or Teaberry

Planetary Ruler of  this herb is the Moon. Our ocean's tides and many of our life's cycles are based on the rhythms of the Moon.

The Magical uses are Wintergreen may be placed in children's pillows to protect them and grant them good fortune throughout their lives. When sprinkled in the home it removes hexes and curses, especially when mixed with mint. Wintergreen is also utilized in healing spells, and when fresh sprigs are placed on the altar - they call good spirits to witness and aid your magic.

A small indigenous shrubby, creeping, evergreen plant, growing about 5 to 6 inches high under trees and shrubs, particularly under evergreens such as Kalmias and Rhododendrons. It is found in large patches on sandy and barren plains, also on mountainous tracts. The stiff branches bear at their summit tufts of leaves which are petiolate, oval, shiny, coriaceous, the upper side bright green, paler underneath. Drooping white flowers are produced singly from the base of the leaves in June and July, followed by fleshy, bright red berries. In some parts the whole plant is used. The odour is peculiar and aromatic, and the taste of the whole plant astringent, the leaves being particularly so. It may be used as a tonic, stimulant, astringent or aromatic.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tarot Herbal And Crystal Correspondences

Major Arcana...    Attributes...  Herbs/Anointing Oils...   Crystal...

The Fool... Childlike, oblivious, innocent, the eternal optimist, ready to lead in to anything... cedar, rose geranium... agate, aventurine

The Magician...  Initiative, persuasion, ability to manifest, realizing potential, masculine power... carnation, rosemary, vanilla... agate, sunstone

The High Priestess...  Feminine power, developing talents, trust in your intuition... musk, verbena, acacia, anise, heliotrope, lemongrass, sandalwood...  moonstone, rose quartz

The Empress...  Abundance, nurturing, in harmony with the natural world, fertility, fecundity... daffodil, hazel, mistletoe, olive, sunflower... peridot, turquoise

The Emperor...  father figure, power of reason, assertive, dogmatic thinking... carnation, ginger, mugwort, bay laurel, thistle... ruby, sapphire

The Hierophant...  conforming, traditional rules and ceremony, fitting in with the status quo... lemon, sweet pea, gardenia, lavender, violet...  jade, topaz

Lovers... love, choice, commitment; seeking wholeness, sexual harmony... cat tail, dill, garlic, ginseng, patchouli, dragon's blood... agate

The Chariot... Diligent, willpower, honesty, control over feelings and thoughts... St. John's Wort, Iris, lily, dill, rosemary... amber, flourite

Strength... Courage, self awareness and compassion, being tolerant of others faults, facing reality... angelica, basil, comfrey, fennel, goldenseal, pennyroyal, thyme, yarrow... cat's eye, jasper

The Hermit... Discretion, detachment and withdrawal, search for inner wisdom, self-searching questions... angelica, chamomile, sage... bloodstone, peridot

The Wheel of Fortune...  Luck, timing, destiny, the only thing that is constant is change; seeing patterns and cycles repeating in life... clover, daisy, fern, heather, iris, jasmine, lilac, peony, spearmint, violet... amethyst, opal

Justice... Fairness, harmony, cause and effect; accepting the truth, taking responsibility for your choices... dill, garlic, honeysuckle, violet... cat's eye, jet

The Hanged Man... Transition, limbo, sacrifice may be necessary, relinquishing control... grape, ivy, marigold... aquamarine, tiger's eye

Death... Change, new beginnings, transformation; the end of an old cycle, the beginning of a new one... blackberry, bramble, periwinkle... amber, bloodstone

Temperance... self control, moderation, virtue; harmony and understanding, cooperation and healing energy... agrimony, bergamot, catnip, clover, foxglove, hibiscus, lily of the valley, valerian...  amethyst, jasper, pyrite

The Devil... Bondage, materialism, temptation, thirst for money or power, self imposed bondage, chained to addictive patterns... bergamot, carnation, fern, mugwort, rosemary... obsidian, apache tears

The Tower... Unexpected events, revelation, breakdown of the old to accept the new, learn to adapt and adjust quickly, dramatic upheaval... heather, honeysuckle, morning glory, yarrow... lodestone, ruby

The Star... Inspiration, truth revealed; seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing you are going to be successful, visionary progress... angelica, grape, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, aster, bluebell, daisy, snapdragon, valerian... quartz, turquoise

The Moon... Intuition and illusion; blind to the truth, unrealistic dreams, losing touch with reality... adder's tongue, eucalyptus, sandalwood, lotus... moonstone, selenite

The Sun... Communication, positive energy, creative energy; positive accomplishment, shining under the spotlight... broom, carnation, chamomile, fennel, geranium, lavender, marigold, rosemary... citrine, tiger's eye, sun stone

Judgement... liberation, inner calling, transformation; accounting for past action, accepting things the way they are... grape, ivy, marigold, violet... hematite, malachite

The World... Completion, fulfillment, freedom from fear; reward for hard work and effort, accomplishing what you sent out to achieve, feeling at one with yourself and the universe... roses, carnations, ivy, bay laurel... lapis lazuli, onyx

ref: Witchipedia
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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Scallop Shell Symbolism

primitive witch
Each time I visit the seashore I walk along the sand, as far as I can go looking out over the water at how vast the ocean really is, there's water as far as you can see. The sound of the waves moving in and out, continuously over and over is very meditative. As I walk along the sand my eyes are watching for special treasures from this place.

This trip we collected these beautiful scallop shells and just as we were leaving, a sponge happened to show up. I always feel great when bringing something back home that is a symbol of water, it's magical to me. These shells contain energy that may be placed on my altar or placed anywhere or given away. Water is one of the elements that connect all things and water is commonly associated with the qualities of emotion and intuition. Other symbolism of water is seen in the tarot as represented by the Suit of Cups. As the Element of Water itself, the Suit of Cups focuses on our conscious feelings and chosen relationships. Each card reflects another way in which we express ourselves in word and deed, as well as the inner-workings of the complex creature called love.